A Company Built Exclusively for Interior Design Professionals

About Our Company

Charles and Gerard was conceived to create a unique platform limited to the “trade” that will enable today’s talented design professionals the opportunity to specify, select and order high-quality decorative area rugs without the fear that these products will be sold in store or online directly to the public.

With over 40 years “to the trade” rug experience, we understand the needs of the adept designer

  • Built exclusively for interior design professionals
  • Provide high quality decorative products
  • Offer them at a fair price
  • Deliver on time
  • Provide superior service

We continue to source new qualities and fibers from overseas that are fresh, innovative, and interesting. We use only the highest quality yarns and the finest artisans to make our rugs.

Through unique designs, a wide array of colors, different textures, superior hand craftsmanship and an eye for detail, Charles and Gerard is committed to offering exceptional floor coverings that are not only relevant today, but also for the future.

Our Rugs

We design our rugs with intricate detail. We obsess over each collection to make it special, bespoke, and unique. We love color, subtle hues, and texture. Our rugs are created to be the foundation of beautiful spaces setting the mood for exquisite interiors.  Charles and Gerard strive to fashion rugs that look beautiful now and for years to come.

Each rug is crafted by the finest Artisans. A True Piece of Art. Every step of our process is completed by hand. Many of the techniques used during the production of our rugs have been around for centuries and have been handed down through many generations.