Sample Program Collection

Benefits of the sample program

  • Our rug samples are a 1′ x 1′ section of the rug, individually constructed to meet our quality and color expectations.
  • Samples provide you multiple options for a design project.
  • Samples enable you to color match to existing home furnishings along with shopping for additional decorative accessories.
  • Samples allow you and your client to clearly view the color, texture and pile height of a specific rug, simplifying the rug selection process and minimizing the need for returns.
  • Samples can be purchased for a nominal charge to retain in your design library for future decorating projects.

How It Works

  1. Select up to five rug samples.
  2. Samples will be shipped at no charge and there is no initial charge for the samples, once you establish an account.
  3. Samples can be returned “free of charge” in the self-address stamped envelope provided.
  4. If you order a rug against a sample received, the sample is free and can be kept for your sample collection.
  5. Samples not returned within 35 days will be charged at the sample price.
  6. Samples are shipped via UPS Ground. There is an additional cost for expedited shipping.